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I have a private Facebook support group for moms of lgbt kids who love their lgbt kids unconditionally and want to make the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for their kids and family to live. There are more than moms in the group and we continue to grow. The moms group is such a help and comfort for them because they realize they are not alone.

We share a lot of info with one another, tell our stories, pray for each other and learn and grow together.

If anyone is interested in more info about the group they can email me at lizdyer55 gmail. Thank you so much for this open letter, and for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The modern American Christian machine is turning many away from our beloved Savior by their exclusion, demonization of their fellow man, and their self-righteous pride.

It is so refreshing on those rare occasions when I encounter the teaching of a true follower of Jesus. As an atheist, I must say that you are a wonderful father and a terrible mennonite. Perhaps you should visit an Episcopal Church as well. More people who truly love their neighbor are there than anywhere else. I bare to disagree with you. They are exactly the kind of Mennonites that all Mennonites should be and should be deeply respected. They are the kind of people that help keep people like me in the Mennonite Church and not become the atheist or agonist that I could have become.

Even atheists and agnostics have potential to eventually become Mennonites with new reflections of the universe that has existed now for I am not a Christian, and feel no need to hold such beliefs. But I value above all else truthful ethics, and see in this letter a rare example of what should be the common character of all people.

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The bushel is to hold and carry the harvest. Hiding beneath it denies the harvest, and thus starves the people. To those of you who are condemning of the lgbt lifestyle let me, as a gay person, ask you a few questions:. Do you think I chose this orientation? Believe me, I would give anything to not face the persecution I feel. Do you have a problem with heterosexuals getting butterflies in their gut when they see someone of the opposite sex who is attractive?

Or holding hands before marriage? If not, you are accepting of their sexuality as a part of their personality, only you expect them to restrain themselves from full sexual involvement until after marriage — right? If I hold hands with another woman? Where are you going to draw the line for me, or am I to totally deny a very essential part of who I am and how God has created me? How can you love me, yet deny a very essential part of my being?

No one is asexual. You can choose to stay single or to be celibate until you get married — your choice. You are leaving me no choice if I find someone I believe is my soul mate. I believe in monogamous, for-life commitment, something not seen much today in the heterosexual world. I know very few gay Christians particularly here in the South and I am not surprised. I agree with what you have to say! I was raised in A Pentecostal Family. I knew how our church feels about this same topic. I as well has been gay since I was very young.

I earnestly seek to serve God as best as I know how. Some people will never understand what its like to be on the other side of the fence and know how it feels to be ridiculed and oppressed for being what God made us! Thanks for your thoughtful and loving letter. Thank you for sharing Mr. Your letter was so touching and moved me to tears. The love and forgiveness that you show gives me hope that we live in a world that may be able to someday show the same love and peace to all regardless of our many differences.

May God bless you and your family. Yes the new website is working but I would suggest limiting the number of lines in responses — some responses are very long — if people want to post large amounts of text verbatim they should have to use a link or in the case of scripture, the citation. Also I think full names which correspond to an email address should be required — no pseudonyms or just first names.

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight! Thank you so much for sharing your story — a journey of faith and integrity. May we learn as you have to follow the spirit of the Scriptures instead of the letter of the law. Thank you for following truth that is beyond the simplistic interpretation of scripture that we have grown up with.

The four verses in the Bible that bring up homosexuality need to be read and studied in their context and with the intent that they were written. What was God really talking about? God has so much more to say about promiscuity, gossip, stealing etc. God is so holy and loving.

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He will direct our understanding when we prayerfully and humbly seek His truth. Thank you for opening this crack to let the light shine a little brighter. It has been such a previlage to get to know you these last few years. Amen and Amen!

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God grant us all light and love for these days. To Mr. Chester Wenger.

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I watched the news then read what you wrote. Thank You. I wish more parents were as understanding as you were. The world would be a better place. A son could not have a better mom and dad then yourself and your wife.

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Bless you and your family. Penguins etc…. Thank you so much for telling your story and offering these words. As it seems, it has served you well over the years, teaching you love and compassion and a great respect for family and humanity. I know there are plenty of things in the Bible you continually guilty of. Just start in Leviticus and start reading and if you follow all these rules then start casting stones.

Since Grace is Free, YES … You CAN just go sin all you want

Be honest. If you are not yet among the more than No matter what your view of homosexuality the compassionate letter from this 96 year old brother […]. Degradation and hate by the church as a whole is a huge injustice displayed by the church! As such whether you are someone who cheats on their spouse, murders, lies or lives a homosexual life style the Bible refers to them as sin. When we promote these sins within the church through marriage or giving them places of authority are we not promoting the sinful behavior.

For example if a pastor who cheats on his wife and is allowed to remain the head of his church are we not saying this is acceptable behavior. Are we not called to repent of our sins and strive to be like Christ. There is room for healing and change though the help of the Holy Spirit. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. The wide gate and broad way in this world is to embrace the ways of the world and the values of the sin-filled world.

The world at least in Western culture is telling us that practicing homosexuality should be tolerated…out of love, out of respect, out of mutuality.