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Besides that WSNs are also vulnerable to the attacks illegally acquiring network resources which is caused by many popular attacks. These attacks are complex as it affect not only the victim but its legitimate members also. Existing routing techniques could not solve these severe issues. The proposed scheme demonstrated an average throughput of 6. Abstract: The article is devoted to the discussion of the recent trends and reformation of housing and communal services in Uzbekistan introducing ICT to the sphere.

The object of the research is the sector of housing and communal services of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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The actuality of the research consists of increasing number of scholars of several developing countries who are interested in how to use the ICT and by this to achieve economic effectiveness both in the scope of country and company. For example, regardless of the reformations and development in this sphere, a row of problems is unsolved.

Nowadays population is not satisfied with the supply of communal services; hence the number of complaints on the work of service providers is increasing. In addition, the problems of expenses and debts above normal and not correctly calculated are remain open. Besides, the problems in the sphere of housing and communal services also arise from the lack of the mechanism of monthly taking measurements from the counters and absence of central database of consumers.

The analysis of the main approaches determining the contribution of ICT to the housing and communal sphere, formulation of recommendations relating to the prior directions to achieve the step-by-step informatization of the sphere of housing and communal services makes up the scientific novelty of the research.

The research consists of four parts. Firstly, the role of ICT in the sphere of housing and communal services is explored. Secondly, application of billing system to the sphere of housing and communal services is investigated. Thirdly, reformation of housing and communal services by introducing CRM system is examined. Lastly, introduction of ICT to the sphere of housing and communal services for integration with e-government is discussed. Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies ICT , housing and communal services, Customer Relationship Management CRM , billing, e-government, online payment, utilities, reformation, Uzbekistan, automation, informatization, debts, tariffs, management.

Abstract: Multipliers are the primal constituents of a processing unit. The process of multiplication is carried out using different suggested architectures. Among the developments the common factor observed is the use of recursive register interface in multiplication operation. It is needed to minimize the resource requirement to enhance the objective of optimal multiplication operation, in this paper a new low resource adaptive counter based multiplier design is proposed, which minimizes the register requirement by deriving a sub counter logic in multiplier design.

Keywords: Multiplier design, adaptive logical count, low resource overhead. Abstract: Security concern in wireless network is a prime issue to overcome to offer better service quality for next generation applications. To offer robust security in wireless network, a optimal loop trace monitoring approach for security provisioning in wireless network is proposed.

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The communication packets are then chosen based on the offered security value and the route selected. A higher offering security level route is chosen in data exchange for reliable coding. The simulation results were carried out for the existing reliability factor of data exchange over the proposed approach of loop trace monitoring to validate the proposed work. Keywords: Secure coding, wireless network, loop trace monitoring and robust reliable coding.

The aluminum alloys are used widely in Aviation, Shipbuilding and also in general engineering because it is having many applications in these sectors. Mostly in all the welding processes the purpose is to get welded joint by having its desired weld bead parameters, higher mechanical properties with the low distortion. The quality of the weld is determined through mechanical properties, bead geometry, and distortion.

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Abstract: Water is the most essential and foremost constituent for all the organisms living in the earth. Sometimes it would be the major reason for the demolishment of lives when the needed level is increased. This resource is available through low, moderate and high level rainfall and it is preserved in various places for future usages. In this paper we discuss about the disaster caused by water stored in dam. When the storage level of the dam is increased, it is expelled or released without any alarm as a result it squashes many of the lives.

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Our main focus is to issue alarms before releasing the water from dam. We use an unmanned method using wireless sensor technique to monitor the water level continuously, if it reaches the saturation point extreme storage level , we propose 3 alarming facilities, as 1. Sending message to the people located in the area, 2. Provide audio alarm which is battery enabled 3. Make drone alarming UAV to all the people. After the alarming process is done the shutters of the dam is released to expel the water.

Keywords: Dam monitoring, Drones, Shutters, Unmanned. Abstract: The quality of fingerprint or fingerprint verification depends on the quality of the fingerprint image. Most of the fingerprint management algorithms depend on the features which are extracted based on the minutiae of the fingerprints.

The quality of minutiae is depends on how good the fingerprint images. The background and foreground of the images are also effect the results of the fingerprint images. Fingerprint segmentation algorithms are used to extract the finger print image from background.

In this paper we are presenting the two fingerprint segmentation algorithms which are the modifications of existing mean and variance based approach and gradient based approach. Keywords: Bio-metric.

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Fingerprint, Image segmentation. Abstract: Nowadays, all electronic gadgets and devices are in the race of most compact size and least power consumption. Along with it, we want device to do many jobs at a time. For that it needs to be laced with maximum computing power. In CMP architectures, parallel task execution is done rather than executing task sequentially, as it is done in conventional programming. However, NoC consumes significant percentage of total power.

Final objective is to design power efficient NoC. In CMP architecture, many data transfers are done simultaneously. It is required to evolve power saver NOC with unique task scheduling schemes. Our approach enhances network latency, network throughput along with energy reduction. It defines performance of the system with high speed transmission.

It shows improvement in the system performance when experimented with various applications. Here, we concentrated on proper distribution of tasks and network traffic required for execution. One needs to balance between over and under utilization of resources.

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Analysis of both the cases is done in this article. Over utilization is injecting excess traffic in the network which leads to heat up problem. Under utilization is, PEs remaining idle for long time resulting in sluggish performance. Here we tried to list various innovative methods for saving network from reaching power wall. Energy modeling and granular traffic analysis gives us accurate estimation of device performance beforehand. Also, analysis is done for various topologies for different tasks. Abstract: MANET networks often form with mobile devices to enable communication and connectivity in time-critical applications.

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The routing protocol employ in the network often defines the energy efficiency and network performance in ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose a directional flooding-based routing approach to improve data reliability and improve packet delivery ratio in MANET network. The proposed routing protocol simulate in the NS2 environment to evaluate network performance of flood-based routing algorithm. Abstract: In this paper, a case of prediction of sample demands for industrial lubricants has been presented. We have observed that the demand for most of the industrial lubricants depends on three main factors i.