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Alternatively, is there a place or plant or song that your husband is particularly attached to? This might give you a way to honour him if he isn't fond of his name. Josie is a beautiful old nickname for Josephine. You could use it on its own, as a nod to your husband's name. Josie Danielle sounds very pretty to me. As does Josephine Danielle! Of your girl names, Greta is so pretty and fits well with your other girls while having very distinctive sounds.

If you yell "Greta! I agree Mabel and Hazel, by contrast, are too matchy. For your boy names, hmmm, I like Nicholas. But Nicholas Joshua assuming you use your husband's name as a middle is too long - I would avoid two three-syllable names in a row.

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Silas Joshua, on the other hand, has a strong ring to it. There are too many Henrys these days - I know like 10, of them! I just wanted to add that I wouldn't do Greta with sister Hazel because it sounds like Hansel and Gretel. Clara Rose Josephine is really stunning imo. I also adore the name Greta. I think Mabel is a good fit; I just don't love the name. Flora is very popular on this site. I just don't think it's pretty, and I can't get past the, "Aunt Flo," thing, but like I said, everyone else around here loves it.

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I have a He ry, so I love it, obviously. It is quite popular. I don't know if you care about that.

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I also like Silas and Oscar very much. Silas has been a bit spoiled for me by a personal connection of late, so I would give the edge to the other two.

I do also think they fit better with your other children's names. I thik only Henry really works with Joshua, for some reason. First name: All are great. I do think that Mabel may rhyme a little with Hazel, but I still like it. Next favorite is Clara. With Clara, all three girls would have that "a" as a the first vowel without the rhyme. First names: I prefer Oscar, then Henry, then Silas.

Silas seems "new" even though it's not. Since "old-fashioned" is where you want to be, I think Oscar or Henry works better.

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Third names: I think Benjamin is more solid for the third name for whatever reason But there is absolutely nothing wrong with Nicholas. What are your ideas on Charlotte. Our older daughter Sadie 7 Years loves that much put we cannot get it to fit with the other Names. I quite like Clara, as other posters have said. Although it causes trouble with Charlotte because then you have two Cs and the "ar" and L sound is repeated as well. So you need something to break it up.

So make sure you check out the state specific charts below and find out how popular or unique Hazel is where you live. Comment and discuss Hazel origin and meaning Hazel is a 5 letter name with 2 syllables. We couldn't find any information about what this name means.

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Similar to Hazel We've found the following names that sound similar to Hazel, sorted by popularity. Most parents-to-be know if they want a popular or unique name, and with these charts and data tables you can easily get a better understanding of how popular or unique this name is. With a quick glance you can easily tell if this name is increasing or declining in popularity - But note that its current popularity can actually differ a lot from state to state.

Chart position per year visualized Chart position per state visualized Chart position per year table view Year Rank Chart position per state table view State Rank South Carolina Even more about Hazel These are some of the common questions you may want to have answered to know if this is the perfect name for your baby. Is Hazel a common or unique name? By analyzing the number of births and frequency of this name we've determined that it's currently a very unique male name.

What is the number of syllables for the name Hazel? Why is this important? Add a comment.

The male rabbit in "Watership Down" was named Hazel. The anti-hero of "Wise Blood" was named Hazel Moates. There was a male character in "Cannery Row" named Hazel. That's three boys named Hazel. That being said I had an Aunt Hazel. Where I live the name Hazel is used for girls. Tia might be nice with Jackson too. I've never heard of the name, and considering there's boys named Stacy and girls named Sam, I'd say you're in the clear. FYI - It does sound kinda girly.

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Does he like me as more than a friend? I have never ever heard Hazel as a boys name. Do not do that to him!! It sounds like a girl name. Way to feminine for a boy, he'll probably get bullied later in life.