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Their lives were in danger, so they had fled Somalia and come to Greece in hopes of getting asylum in Europe. Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis make up the majority of the refugee population of 16, currently stuck on Lesbos and other Greek islands; African refugees are often overlooked.

Mother Somalia-Stories Of Hope

Their desire is to gain permanent status as refugees or economic migrants in some European country — but their chances are slim. Adraman is only She says she's also the only female Somali journalist to have built and run her own news website — Kowtharmedia.

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Working as a journalist in Somalia since she was 16 has made Adraman tough. Al-Shabab is known for targeting journalists in their homes, so to protect herself and her family, she lived in a safe house with other female journalists for the last five years.

She would only see her mother once or twice a year. She narrowly escaped injury in two bombing incidents, one at a cafe and one at a hotel in Mogadishu. Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist. The Committee to Protect Journalists ranks the country No. Hassan was also threatened by al-Shabab. But one day, on a rare occasion when he was trying to visit his mother, he noticed suspicious men following him.

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They fired at him as he ran. He fled Somalia for Turkey, where he paid a smuggler to cross by dinghy to Greece. He was freed eventually, after his family paid a ransom. Later, he was captured again.

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He managed to escape the night before he was told he would be executed. He also noted that building a trusted security apparatus that are acceptable to all Somalis is essential and added that doing so also offered a major opportunity to build and consolidate the Federal State.

Credit: UN News.

A Day in the Life of a Mother in Rural Somalia

He also spoke about the need to advance the constitutional process and to strengthen conflict resolution efforts through the inclusion of all sections of society, including women, youth, minorities and business, in the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Concluding his briefing, Mr. Tazeen is working with Anna Marie Sewell on the creation of journalistic pieces.

She picked up English along the way. As a child, she was full of stories in both languages and is still fluent in German. Today, Kate has a background in journalism and arts administration.

Somalia mental health: one story of hope

She has written for a variety of newspapers and cultural organizations. Kate is working on her first book, based on searching and finding her biological father in Germany. The essence and point of departure for this work is the hundreds of photographs and three hours of silent film that her father produced during his service as a young front-line soldier in the German Army during the Second World War. Asma Sayed is a writer, translator, and academic originally from India. She has published essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, and translations in various anthologies.

She writes regularly about issues of social justice in film and media. Her essays have been published in India, Kenya, Canada, and the U.