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An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods. The Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits, they are coveted and persecuted throughout the Empire for the power in their blood. Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember, but whose face and magic she has inherited. Unbeknownst to her, she can manipulate the dreams of the gods to alter the face of the world.

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Please give her a warm welcome to Orbit! Search for: Search. Then the thief came. Praise for Arthur C. Cover design by Tracey Winwood Beware — here be dragons! Powerful magic. Epic adventure. A desperate battle to defeat an ancient evil. Product details For ages Format Paperback pages Dimensions Other books in this series.

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The Dream Thieves Maggie Stiefvater. Raven's Call Edwin Wood.

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Raven's Shadow Edwin Wood. Review Text If you could steal things from dreams, what would you take? Some he Stiefvater's careful exploration of class and wealth and their limitations and opportunities astounds with its sensitivity and sophistication. The pace is electric, the prose marvelously sure-footed and strong, but it's the complicated characters Maggie has woven such a unique, intriguing narrative that I struggled for comparisons. The third book, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, received five starred reviews.

The final book, The Raven King, received four. Her latest book is All the Crooked Saints. She is also an artist and musician.