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Prurient drivel, you might say. And you might well have a good point.

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But then again, a great deal of what Jane Austen was writing about in Pride and Prejudice was indeed pure sex, and perhaps her writing was all the better for the fact that it would have been wholly unacceptable for her to have been — in her day — explicit in any way. There is a parallel with Mozart here. It seems to me obvious that if Mozart were alive today, he would be writing in the genre of rock music. It would be fascinating to know what a modern Mozart would write and play.

Similarly, it is hard not to speculate what Jane Austen would be doing if she were writing novels today, or perhaps even more interesting, was a screenwriter for the film industry. I was curious to know what she would make of Mr Collins. Surely the odious Mr Collins could have no possible sexual interest to anyone? I underestimated the ingenuity of Ms Trevor.

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I intend that that will be the subject of another post. Are we going see this sort of thing? They flee from me that sometime did me seek. With naked foot, stalking in my chamber. I have seen them gentle, tame, and meek, that now are wild and do not remember. That sometime they put their lips about my member,.

Their breast pulsating against my chest. And pulled my hand hard into their mound.

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Cracking their whip until they found. My cum upon my hand; and now they range,. Busily seeking with a continual change. Are modern movies any better than older movies for the fact that directors now have free reign to include explicit sex scenes wherever they like? Personally, I think they probably are, on balance.

Violence is quite another matter. I am very far from sure that the appalling violence in modern movies is a good thing. The misspelling of Lisa suggests an anagram.

Spank Me, Mr. Darcy

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They flee from me that sometime did me seek With naked foot, stalking in my chamber. Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

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Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9.

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Bennet Pride and Prejudice , Mrs. Darcy was a man who had grown used to being in charge, his word being obeyed like law both at home and in society. But what happens when Mr. Bennett unearths his biggest secret, a shameful thing only Charles is aware of? Will the irreverent man use it against him? Arthur Bennett reclined rather lazily in his well-worn office chair and yawned loudly as he kicked up his feet unto the dilapidated trunk he kept beneath the desk for that very purpose.

Off-limits to both wife and daughters, save for Lizzie on certain occasions, the serviceable library was the impenetrable fortress that kept him sane in a house overflowing with estrogen and hysteria. The only real deviation from the simple rules he had long-ago devised came in the form of Mr. Darcy, a gentleman who, enjoying a higher status than Arthur, had found himself being begrudgingly allowed into the library to pass the time with a borrowed book of his choosing.

As Mrs. And while at first the withdrawn man had looked more than ready to turn down the polite offer, Charles had no so subtly nudged the man in his ribs until he had, at last, reluctantly agreed to keep Mr. Bennett company. After said arrangement had been made, it was of but little effort for Arthur to guide the sullen man into his office and see him seated into the most comfortable chair situated by the window.

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The beginning of a problem only arose after they had been seated in relative silence for a good quarter of an hour. The trouble began when Mr. Darcy began to fidget in a manner most unbecoming to his elevated station, his pallid cheeks all aflame as he struggled in vain to situate himself more comfortably without drawing any notice to his person.

Mercifully for the both of them, it did not take Mr. Darcy too long to situate himself into a position he found far more favorable than the last. Clearly having no desire to be the odd duck out, Mr. Darcy followed suit and placed his borrowed book atop his lap before feigning interest in the colorful illustrations of the book on herbology.

It was only once Arthur began to detect the distinct smell of old urine that he, himself, began to grow as uneasy as Mr. Darcy, for the thought of said man having wet himself within his office mortified him to no end. For while Arthur was an admittedly aged man, he knew himself not to be so decrepit that he had lost any of the functionality of his bladder.

His hearing might be on the way out, perhaps, but that was certainly it so far. And thus, by the power of deduction, that left only one culprit to whom such a fetid stench could belong. And while Arthur was most unwilling to believe such an absurdity where it involved Mr. Darcy, he found himself powerless to argue against such sound reasoning. So, as discreetly as he was able to, Arthur made a charade of turning a page in his book before looking out at his guest from the corner of his eye.

To his great frustration, or perhaps his relief, he was spared the immediate shame such a discovery might have brought by the way in which Mr.