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What power can these entities hold over the living in the present? From Demons, Read more…. Haunted Marysville House Dogs going mad, beds shaking, mental oppression and strange voices heard out of nowhere is just the tip of the iceberg when describing the haunted Marysville house that Yvonne lived in for several years. Who else is haunting the house, such as the 7 ft tall cloaked priest?

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What is the entity doing mimicking the images of the living? Objects were flying around the house and landing in strange ways, what was causing this? What did her service animal see walking down the stairs? Was the house responsible for the death of the service dog? Street parties, flypasts, swing bands and sing-a-longs contrasted with solemn ceremonies where the celebratory was vastly outweighed by reminders of the scale of human sacrifice.

On the seafront at Arromanches, overlooking Gold beach where 75 years ago a blue-grey armada had filled the horizon as far as the eye could see, a lone piper marked H-hour.

Macron to Trump at D-day ceremony: fulfil the promise of Normandy

It was the moment at 7. D-day was an invasion of France by allied forces. Five beaches in Normandy, codenamed Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword and Gold, were the main targets for landing a large number of troops by sea. At 10pm on 5 June , troops began departing from British shores to head across the Channel. Five assault groups set sail under darkness in an armada of about 7, vessels.

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Just after midnight on 6 June, aerial bombardment of enemy positions on the Normandy coast began. Special operations troops were also parachuted into France. US troops landed on Omaha and Utah beaches at about am. Soldiers had to get off their boats, wade through the water, and seize control of the beach, all the while under heavy and sustained fire from German defensive positions. Despite involving a large number of troops, keeping D-day secret was vital to the success of the operation. A disinformation campaign had led the Germans to believe that Operation Fortitude was the main plan for the allies to invade the continent, via a two-pronged attack involving Norway and Calais.

The D in D-day actually has no particular significance to Operation Neptune.

It was common practice in the military to make plans that used the term, where the D stands for the day when operations commenced. Military planners also set H-hour, the time at which a plan was to begin.

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By the end of the day, the allies had disembarked more than , men and 10, vehicles on to the beaches, and established bridgeheads of varying depths along the Normandy coastline. Legend has it that is the wife of Philip Physick, Elizabeth, who —as the story goes — was addicted to opium and banned from the house. Others believe is is former resident Elsie Keith who was terrified of dust and took great measures to ensure the house was dust-free… measures that were undone when Physick House was donated to the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks.

Broad St. The academy is steeped in history and has its fair share of historical moments including a few presidential visits courtesy of Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland and Richard Nixon.

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Seat cushions have mysteriously become indented , even when no one is there and at least one person has said that they have been pinched. Ross's ghost has been seen crying in the basement. There's also a more sinister spirit about, one that led to a staff member being so frightened they climbed out a window onto a flagpole. A statue of William Penn is said to come to life at Pennsylvania Hospital, taking evening strolls around the hospital grounds. That's not the only paranormal occurrence at the hospital — one of the oldest in the country.

Here's a list of 7 creepy places in Philadelphia to visit , some of which were on this list and some that were not. Ghosts aren't only in Philadelphia -- here are 15 spots that are haunted in central Pennsylvania.

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Haunted Marysville House

But one of the eeriest parts of the grounds is a dilapidated, roofless mausoleum said to be home to a green, glowing light about the size of a half-dollar, right where the coffins used to be located. The Union Cemetery in Millheim has one of the nation's weirder headstones: It's said to bleed , as if the letters were cut into flesh instead of stone. The grave belongs to 19th-century local William Musser, whose descendants tried repeatedly to replace the tombstone, but the blood kept coming back until they added an iron plate on top.

Supposedly, a knife has also appeared on the tombstone, because Musser was a murderer although by all accounts he was instead a peaceful local businessman. It's not a specific grave, but the Black Angel statue that stands near the edge of Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs , Iowa, has accrued a collection of ominous legends. It's said to come to life after sundown and fly around the graves, to shoot fire from its eyes, to make children disappear, and to have turned black because of its inherent evil or the evil of those buried nearby.

The Magnolia Hotel— supposedly haunted by a total of 13 ghosts—will soon open its doors to overnight visitors. The cabin later expanded into a hotel, which saw some success in the mids and early s.

Unfortunately, the hotel was then abandoned for many years, and was almost lost to extreme disrepair. In an effort to save it, members of Preserve Texas placed the building on the organization's Most Endangered Historic Places list along with several other sites.

Batsto-Pleasant Mills - Hammonton

According to Country Living , the couple began experiencing supernatural events as soon as repairs commenced. Photos showed strange figures climbing out of mirrors; doors would be heard slamming by unknown forces; and shadowy outlines could be glimpsed hovering in doorways. Not too long after he built the original log cabin, James Campbell was reportedly killed by Native Americans during a trip to San Antonio. Three decades later, notorious Texan serial killer Wilhelm "William" Faust traveled to the nearby town of New Braunfels in order to kill his wife.