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She held a weekly book club with three of her friends, all of the same sort of personality and age as her, which her nephew, Tom, was forced to attend to their needs by bringing in refreshments etc, if he was not suitably employed doing such things, then he had to quietly stand in the corner and speak only when spoken to. It was on one such evening, when she came back from the shop, where she had just purchased some cream buns for the ladies of her book club that she noticed Tom was locked away in his bedroom.

The ladies would be here in around ten minutes and the teapot and cups were not yet out, venturing upstairs with the intention of chastising him she heard a tapping noise and groans coming from his room. On opening the door she was shocked to see him sat on his bed with his trousers pulled down to his knees, his erect penis in one hand and a pair of her used panties in the other.

He tried to protest but she forced him from his room and down the stairs, his trousers still half way down and his cock flapping about all over. The three ladies entered and following Cecilia and the boy into the room they asked what was going on. Coming back from the kitchen Cecilia had in her hand a length of rope, some scouring pads, a rolling pin and metal toothed dog brush.

She proceeded to tie the boys hands behind his back and his ankles to the chair, then pulled his trousers down to his ankles, lastly she violently pulled his t shirt over his head, his torso, genitals and legs were now completely exposed. Its ladies underwear what makes your cock go all hard?

The three women giggled and opened their legs and showed him their panties, one even pulling hers to the side to expose her pussy lips, after which the others did the same. The filthy boy. Taking hold of his thick hard on she squeezed tight until all the blood rushed to his bell end, then she took the scouring pad and began roughly scraping it on his most sensitive gland, he screamed in pain. One of the ladies obliged and he was gagged. Aunt Cecilia stopped and letting go of his cock it twanged comically to attention, his bell end red and almost bleeding.

Next came the rolling pin and striking it down hard from above it connected on the top of his penis causing him to bite the used panties stuffed in his mouth, she then struck him in his balls which dangled vulnerably against the hard seat of the chair. I thought you like masturbating your cock? Taking the dog brush she now gave his bell end a sharp slap and pushed on of the metal teeth into the slit of his penis. He tried to shout please, but was prevented by the gag. The three ladies meanwhile had, after satisfying their lust of each other, got dressed and prepared to leave.

Aunt Cecilia showed them out. She slowly walked back into the room where her nephew was panting through his nose, his cock still hard between his legs. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dominated by the Librarian by Tara Jones.

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Dominated by the Librarian: The Completed Series Part 1: Surrender to your Desire Peter Thompson works as a graphic designer in central London and has recently broken up with his girlfriend after a small misunderstanding regarding how much flirting a man can get away with. In an attempt to avoid his depressing flat, he stays late at the local library, browsing thr Dominated by the Librarian: The Completed Series Part 1: Surrender to your Desire Peter Thompson works as a graphic designer in central London and has recently broken up with his girlfriend after a small misunderstanding regarding how much flirting a man can get away with.

In an attempt to avoid his depressing flat, he stays late at the local library, browsing through free magazines.

When the library is closing for the evening, Peter finds himself alone together with a short and curvy red-headed librarian, however when he tries to seduce her everything suddenly gets a little bit out of control Out of his control, that is 2: Surrender to Please Her For weeks Peter Thompson has tried to convince himself that surely that strange incident at the local library when he was forced down on the floor by a short and curvy red-headed librarian must have been the result of his stressful life as a graphic designer in combination with a overactive sexual imagination.

But he still has that book that he borrowed in the hazy aftermath of what could easily be described as the best and the most unexpected sex he ever had. It was meant only meant to be a date. He had been looking forward to dinner, perhaps a movie, and hopefully spending the night together with his new dominant lover, Eleanor Marston, a curvy and sensual redhead librarian who likes to dress in tweed and make men obey her.

But sometimes you get more what you bargain for.. He wakes up in a somewhat unpleasant way. Could it be the men that are after Eleanor? Who are they?

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And why are they trying to kill her in the first place? He is wrong. Ever since he tried to seduce the innocent-looking curvy, red headed librarian at the local library one late Thursday evening, things have escalated far beyond his control, in ways he never could have foreseen. Not only is Eleanor teaching him how to submit to her and experiment with various erotic games, but her life has a darker side too.

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Being born into one of the wealthiest and influence-rich families in England, Eleanor Wyndham is the target of blackmail and kidnapping attempts, something that Peter unfortunately has first-hand experience of. Peter Thompson, an ordinary graphic designer from London is about to find out. Not only because of all of a sudden his life contains wild car chasings and gun fights, but also because his new and unlikely girlfriend is surprisingly dominant in bed, forcing him to obey her, whether he wants to or not.

Lean, muscular, and dangerously attractive. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Dominated by the Librarian Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dominated by the Librarian , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Dominated by the Librarian.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 25, Brendy rated it really liked it Shelves: 3 , bdsm. I was going for a 3. It really was a change of scenaries here, having read a lot of Alpha hot stunning males it never ocurred to me that the opposite could actually happened, how innocent of me hahaha I think I'd be clapping my hands to Eleanor, 'cause XD What I also liked was the fact that, besides her strong preference for being a Mistress and the commanding part in bed; she was not the whole underweight model type, she was chubby, short and hour-glass shape Besides, she wasn't really my type anyway, I told myself.

Eleanor was short, curvy, and liked to dress in a knee-lenght twee skirt with matching jackets with elbow patches. Besides the narrative was contemporary and kind of funny in some parts.

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But despite reaching this logical conclusion, another part of me, a childlish and naive voice, indoctrinated by Disney movies from an early age and sugary Hollywood films later on, whispered that there was always, always a chance for our relationship to work, no matter what. Imagine that coming from a man, I'm suddenly thinking of Drew from Tangled. XD So at the end everything comes down to this: I submitted because I enjoyed her dominating me completely and I loved watching her take pleasure from it I didn't like the use of the collar at all in the book, but even thoug I couldn't help to post this pic.

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Nov 15, James rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this story, well written albeit with a few typos , but fast paced, sexy and very witty throughout. Basically a consensual femdom love story that involves a bit of action non-sexual which I enjoyed and thought added to the plot. I would certainly like to read more from this author. May 21, Trish rated it liked it. I enjoyed the style of writing, it was well paced and almost conversational so was easy to read. There were a lot of typos I did notice at the end of the book the author invites readers to let her know about them if spotted which I thought was cool of her , the typos didn't detract from my reading enjoyment and I realize many indie authors don't have access to professional editing, so my rating isn't a reflection of this issue.

The story line escalated very quickly but I found I could not warm to the characters. I liked Peter more so than Elanor but only because I didn't feel like I knew her at all. She came across as very cold and there was nothing to grasp onto in order to sympathize with her. I couldn't dislike her either, again because I didn't know her well enough. Nov 13, Redkitsune rated it did not like it.

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A really short and amateurish bad story, that almost can be read as fanfiction.