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SMILE – They can hear it in your voice!

Play carnival games, relax in hte sun, or even get a drink at the exclusive Lounge! Just a few days breathing the fresh mountain air, and soon you're will be using those Teeth for grinnin! DO you're part in making the world a smiley-ier place!

I hear You say, "Docr. Habit,, I'm simply Not convinced!!! That's OK!!!

Fewer smiles means less human connection.

Everyone at the Habitat abides by threesimple Principles:. THat's right! Is it oh-so-simple! Please enjoy a brief promotional video tha's is made by me! Then i got sad.

Let Me Hear You Smile

But I heard a liiittle gossipy rumour around the teachers lounge that there was a cooool way to get reaalllly happy. O, woe, O WOE!! I am Randy, a pathetic, scentless, spineless, brineless lad. Everywhere I look, it is gray. But being here, at the wonderful Habitat, I am slowly beginning to see life in a more vibrant, salty, briny view Thank you, Doctor Habit, your green visage brings me such joy.

What am I like, supposed to write here?

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Okay, Doctor, whatever you, like, say. The Habitat is pretty uh, cool I guess. Totally like, better than hanging with the conformists on the outside. At all. The vibe overall is like Kristin Shepherd.

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Anne Washburn. Sears, Jack Sharkey.

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Leo W. Sears , Jack Sharkey. Jason Grote. Kevin Kling.

Smile quotes to elevate your mood

Fred Ballard , Mignon G. Ron Clark.

Louis del Grande. Neil Simon. Evan Linder , Andrew Hobgood.

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  • Fewer smiles means less human connection.!
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  • Your phone is a smile-eating machine..
  • SMILE – They can hear it in your voice!.

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