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Goddard In this issue. I have been a Certifying Exam Update 2 member of this section for almost 20 years and have seen this organization evolve over that SOUr Executive Committee time. As we look forward to this now becoming a reality, we must realize that many challenges remain ahead. I decided to focus on the Executive Committee strengths and accomplishments of our specialty as a whole, not just the AAP section.

Highlights 4 NCE Program 5 Education and research are areas in which our specialty has made significant strides over the past few decades. This is natural given that we are a relatively new discipline when com- Surgery Advisory Panel pared to others. There was much to learn and many areas in which we needed to improve Report 6 our understanding. One has only to briefly peruse the program abstracts to confirm the high quality clinical and bench research performed by our members.

We have gone from lament- Update on Subspecialty ing over the lack of quality research being conducted to the refrain that there is too much re- Certification 7 search on the program!

I have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this program or presentation.

That is a good problem for our program committees to have to worry NCE Program and about. Education is an area in which our members are actively involved. Twenty years ago, most pediatric urologists were employed at medical schools or large children hospitals. Many Banquet 9 were actively involved in teaching residents, but given the small number of us not every resi- Membership Report 10 dency program was affiliated with a pediatric urologist mine was one of those. There are few residency programs today that do not have a pediatric urologist on their faculty, and if Research Prize not, they are actively recruiting.

Pediatrics is viewed as an important component of resident Winners 10 education.

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Most notable are the number of pediatric urologists who are currently serving as Intersex Consensus residency program directors or chairs of their respective programs. As a former member of that group, I can attest to the hard work and commit ment of those who continue in that role. They started as small groups where individuals with like interests could share their passion for the care of children with urologic disorders. Lifelong professional relationships Program 12 and friendships developed through these meetings. As we grow, it will be harder to maintain Urology Medalist— the informal atmosphere of the early meetings, but they remain an important venue for us to George W Kaplan MD 13 gather and exchange information, ideas and opinions.

Section on Urology News 2 innovative ideas will benefit us all. A Message from the Chair Continued from p. I often hear complaints about the lack of recognition no more than two individuals in the room excluding my mentors and support from these groups and that we should have an inde- Panos Kelalis and Steve Kramer at the Mayo Clinic. Everyone pendent meeting. It is important for us to continue to maintain whom I met was very encouraging and welcomed my participa- our alliance with the AAP.

The leadership of the Academy was tion. I call upon all of our members, particularly our senior ones, very helpful to us in our push towards subspecialty certification. It However, there is much more that the AAP can continue to do would behoove us to consider mentoring some of these younger for pediatric urology. As a large section of the AAP, we must pediatric urologists.

I am sure we can all recall those who realize that they speak for all providers who care for children. We recently had a The large size of the organization gives it a very powerful voice. Without new members, These parties would not likely seek out the pediatric urology so- our specialty societies will wither on the vine. I would hope that cieties for input. Although dealing with the AAP bureaucracy is pediatric urologists will not be pegged into such square holes. We should all do our part to ensure that young pediatric urolo- gists feel welcome in our organization and that they quickly real- Our sister societies, Society for Pediatric Urology, Society for ize how their participation can have a positive influence.

All pediatric urology organizations need to present a uni- during the coming year. Feel free to contact any of us if you fied front when working together on issues that confront us. For- have any issues that should be brought to the attention of the Ex- tunately, the leadership of these groups meets twice annually at ecutive Committee.

I hope to see all of you in San Francisco this the Coordinating Council to discuss these common concerns and fall. They are a much larger organization and can represent our group on important issues such as billing Pediatric Subspecialty and coding to name a few. We clearly are going to see some rough times ahead in our interactions with payers as they seek to Certifying Exam Update influence how we practice our craft the recent stance on endo- David Joseph, MD, and Michael Ritchey, MD scopic correction of reflux is likely just the beginning.

Pediatric urologists are also an ess for obtaining Subspecialty Certification in Pediatric Urology. In addition to General information regarding the requirements for qualification the communications between the Pediatric Urology Advisory along with the application material will be disseminated to all Council and the ABU, three pediatric urologists are members of Board Certified members once it is completed. Input from pediatric urology to the ABU will continue to be important in the future as they deter- A computerized Pediatric Subspecialty Certifying Exam PSCE mine the qualifications necessary to be certified to practice our will be held in Pearson Learning Centers at the same location and specialty.

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The PSCE will be a item examination. It Additionally, I would like to address our collaborations with in- will cover all the major domains of pediatric urology similar to ternational societies. In addition, candidates will be tested on core comp e- venues for sharing knowledge. More importantly, we have de- tencies now an integral part of urology resident education. There veloped close friendships with many of their members. We are is no pre-determined pass rate for the exam. The anticipated date for this will be the beginning of another close relationship.

The ABU pediatric exam commit- these groups have the same mission which is to further the care tee is currently working with the ESPU to create an electronic of children with urologic disorders. Sharing our research and Pediatric Self Assessment Program.

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This should be a useful aid to those studying for the examination. Here are some highlights of the meeting: Exhibition will not be considered for presentation. Papers presented at regional meetings of the AUA, or at interna- Trauma Statement tional meetings that do not have a strong pediatric urology The Section on Urology was asked to review a policy statement exposure, will still be considered for the program.

Plus, there is no avenue for publication.